TeaCAT: Tea Climate Advisory Tool


A prototype of the TeaCAT was presented to a section of the planter community of Assam through an interactive workshop and the details of the workshop can be found here. The workshop concluded that TeaCAT was a good starting point and a 1st of its kind approach in the tea sector and would potentially be useful to them alongside existing tools they use and appeared attractive and user friendly. But incorporation of complex functionality of a full Decision Support System (DSS) is desirable with the following modules

The present objectives of the project did not include a Decision Support System for all aspects of tea plantation management and only focused on the climate and yield interaction besides looking into effects of climate change on the livelihood of the people associated directly or indirectly to the industry. But as per the suggestion and feedback received from industry representatives the above modules will be included in TeaCAT in the future for long term sustainability of the project for better decision making for the industry with funding from other sources.