TeaCAT: Tea Climate Advisory Tool

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us about TeaCAT and this project please get in touch with one of the project coordinators:

Dr Ellie Biggs
E-mail: Eloise.Biggs@soton.ac.uk
Twitter: @EllieMBiggs

DrNiladri Gupta
E-mail: n.gupta@tocklai.net
Twitter: @anabranching


The research team would like to acknowledge the help provided by Mr. Joydeep Phukan, Secretary, TRA for co-ordinating the data collection from various tea estate of the four major tea growing regions which enabled us to develop TeaCAT. We would also like to acknowledge the continuous support provided Dr. N. Muraleedharan, Director, TRA and Dr. R. M. Bhagat, Deputy Director (R), TRA for the various project activities. The research team would also like to acknowledge the help provided by Dr. S. K. Pathak, Deputy Director (ASA), Dr. P. Barua, Dr. B. P. Barua, Sr. Advisory Officers, Advisory Department of TRA, TTRI, Mr. S. K. Baruah, Sr. Advisory officer and Mr. A. Dutta, Asst. Advisory officer of the North Bank Advisory Centre, Dr. S. Sannigrahi, Sr. Advisory Officer of Cachar Advisory Centre and Dr. R. K. Baruah, Sr. Advisory officer, Dr. M. Goswami, Advisory Officer of Upper Assam Advisory Centre of TRA for assisting in field data collection and feedback on TeaCAT. The project team would like to thank the companies and the managers of the 80 tea estates who provided us data to develop TeaCAT. This research is was funded under the UKIERI-DST Programme, with joint funding from the Department for Science and Technology, Government of India [DST/INT/UK/P-78/2014] and the British Council [DST-2013-14/119].